Winter beaches in egypt best of the best

Winter beaches in egypt best of the best.


Because the beach is amazing all year round, we list the best destinations for winter beaches in Egypt. Let's get packin'!

As you should know by now, we LOVE the beach. We love it so much that we can’t stand the idea of waiting a whole season to travel to it. And because the beach is beautiful all-year-round, in this article we list the best winter beaches in Egypt!

Egypt is FULL of beautiful places to visit, both in winter and summer, it also has beautiful winter beaches. So we decided to list our top three beaches in Egypt that you should mark as your next destination, IN WINTER!


1- Dahab:

You know it, we know it, Dahab is THE destination for winter vacations.

Dahab’s scenery and beaches are mesmerizing, whether you’re going there to dive (which, by the way, Dahab is ranked as the #1 place to learn diving in Egypt) or just to sloth away, Dahab is the place to go.

The Lagoon makes for one of the best beaches in THE WORLD. Perfect for activities such as snorkeling, diving, or just straight swimming. Also perfect for us, lazy weavers around the world, to sleep our problems away in front of the beach, relaxing to the beat of the Red Sea waves.

Also, if you’re in Cairo and planning to commute there, you’d be glad to know that the new route to Dahab will knock out a fair amount of the time out of the total ETA, and the estimated time of arrival now traveling from Cairo to Dahab is around 6 hours.


2- Taba:

On the edge of the Palestinian-Egyptian border, Taba makes for a beautiful winter beach experience. Its white sand and relaxing beach spot make it one of the busiest winter vacation destinations worldwide. 

If you’re a novice diver, Taba is an excellent stop to hone those diving skills.
Taba’s location makes it accessible for people commuting via land or air, thanks to Taba’s own international airport.


3- El Gouna:

If you’re feeling luxurious and want to be treated royally, then El Gouna is your destination. El Gouna offers you nothing but peace and quiet. 
With four main beach areas, plenty of activity choices that vary between horse riding, kayaking, swimming, and even paddleboarding, top-notch restaurants, El Gouna will have you entertained throughout your stay.

El Gouna is around five hours away from Cairo; hence the bus ride won’t be long but keep an eye for some beautiful scenery while you’re on your way.

So here you have it, our top three choices for winter beaches in Egypt. Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy our healthy dose of the beach!


You know what would go really well with your visit to the wonderful winter beaches of Egypt? A new fluffy Baggy Bag. Just saying…

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