6 activities you can do at the beach

6 activities you can do at the beach


We're all tired of the same old beach activities. So we decided to make a list to change up your next beach visit! Let's get beachin'!

Are you tired of the same old activities you do at the beach?

Think of the beach as an endless playground, full of exciting activities, and your limit is your imagination.

The beach is not just about swimming or lying down looking at the sun; it’s full of fun activities that you and your family can enjoy.

Here are 6 activities that you can do at the beach, some new, some old but with a twist.


1- Unique Beach Photography

No, you don’t need the latest Canon DSLR EOS R5 camera to take amazing shots; all you need is your phone and some warm sunlight.

Also, we’re not talking about those beach photos that you see everywhere. We’re talking about some unique photos that will create great memories.



The beach is full of unique items, whether drifted by the sea or buried deep down in the sand—seashells, unique rocks, or pretty much anything odd-looking. You can snap some photos, post them on your Instagram story and add them as a highlight, creating a colorful display of your collection.

3- A positive message in a bottle

Being stranded on an island is not the only reason to send out messages in a bottle.

Grab a piece of paper, a pen, an empty bottle (Make sure that it’s a glass bottle so it would float and get drifted back to the shore), write a positive message in the bottle, roll it up, place it inside the bottle, make sure the to twist the cap nice and tight. Go as far as you can within the beach limits, make sure no one is swimming nearby, and then throw it as far as you can.

In time, the bottle will drift back ashore. Someone will find it and will be pleasantly surprised by the positive message you put inside.


4- Dig a biiiiiig hole in the sand.

Your family will love to bury you alive. Uhh, that came out wrong.

We meant in a loving, fun, family way.

Getting planted like a tree in the sand actually feels great. You will be surprised at how relaxing having sand smooth its way between your toes and hands. Slowly you will feel like you’re becoming one with nature.

It’ll be a fun time, and not to mention the photos will be stunning; just make sure that you don’t get buried too close to the sea. 


5- Time Capsule

Similar to a message in a bottle but a bit more personal. You can buy a small treasure box, place something memorable inside it, bury it deep in the sand, mark its location on Google Maps and take a picture of it, and if you ever come back later to visit the same beach, make sure to check out to see if it’s still there or not. Make sure not to bury anything metal so metal detectors won’t pick up on it.



6- Sleep.

Yeah, honestly, just sleep.

Is there anything better than sleep?

I don’t think so.

If you have some fun beach activities that you want to share with us or with our fans, make sure to reach out to us.

Happy Beachin’!

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