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Care for your fluff – how to clean cotton products?

Care for your fluff – how to clean cotton products?


Caring for cotton products is a lot different than other materials. It could be tricky, especially when it comes to authentic Egyptian Cotton products.
Cotton products have a specific set of washing instructions that you need to check before getting water or any washing detergent near them.

In this article, we’ll tell you how to take care of our cotton products to keep them clean, fresh, and fluffy.


1. Wash your cotton product before you use it!

We love unpacking and using our items right away! But to get the best out of your brand-new Joy Weaverz Pure Egyptian Cotton product, you need to give it a quick wash.
A moderately cool wash of 40 degrees celsius will keep your new product fresh and clean.
If you bought more than one product (in that case, wow, thank you!), make sure to wash them separately.



Fabric Conditioners, when used with pure Egyptian Cotton Products, could ruin their absorbency effect, and will make them harder to dry in the long-term.


3. Tumble dry your cotton to keep them fluffy.

To keep the products fluffy, and the texture soft and smooth, make sure to run them through a tumble dryer. Keep the heat moderately low to avoid any shrinkage.


4. 40 Degrees Celsius is the key.

Always keep the wash cool and quick.
And bear in mind that drying will take some time, so be patient with it!

These also work best with our baggy bags… just saying…

Do you have any secret methods to keep your cotton products fluffy and fresh?
Drop them down in the comments!
We’ll try them and let you know if they work or not!

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