They say necessity is the mother of invention; we say that laziness is the mother of invention!

  Joy Weaverz started as a “what if there was one beach bag that can hold everything THAT folds into a beach mat?!”      And the rest is history!

  Hi, I’m Emad, CEO and founder of Joy Weaverz.

  Joy Weaverz is a promising Egyptian brand, and along with my co-founder and best friend, Ahmed El-Sharabasi, we know that we’re going to take it to a new level. To utilize pure Egyptian cotton to come out with the best, most innovative products that will help you kick back and relax.

  And remember, Joy Weaverz is our name, and making you happy is our game.!

Our Mission

We ensure everything we make is easy to care for and wonderfully durable. We cannot emphasize enough how much thought, care, and attention to detail goes into every item we make at JOY WEAVERZ 
We hope you’ll cherish your purchases as much as we do.

Our Vision

We believe in making the most of life’s simple pleasures. Precious moments of uncomplicated JOY are our constant inspiration, and it is with these in mind that we create our products